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#05: Court of Memory

In our daily lives, we often accept that our memories are poor, and eventually move on if our memories don’t exactly match up with another person’s. We often agree to disagree, but that’s not an option in court. And yet memory is as fragile and poor there as it is when we’re struggling to remember where we did have that second date.

#01: Eyes of Another

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Autobiographical memories are the stories we tell ourselves, but they’re also a window into other people’s experiences. They’re one of the best ways we have to connect to one another, which is why they’re critical to the bonding process within relationships, families and communities. But what if one person desperately wants to forget, and the other person desperately wants to remember? That’s Rachel Stephenson’s story.

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Memory Motel is a sonic love letter to memory and what’s revealed about ourselves, our wants and desires, when we go back to find meaning in what’s been lived. Show launch: 3/15/16. ABOUT THE SHOW…

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