Terence Mickey (creator, executive producer and host of Memory Motel) is a writer and storyteller who has worked with all kinds of people, from architects to scientists, from CEOs to designers, listening intently for how stories are shaped. He studied fiction and graduated with an MFA from UC Irvine, where he took himself and literature way too seriously. He’s worked for the Moth’s Outreach and Corporate Programs and lectures often on the art of storytelling at venues including Discovery’s Creative Speaker’s Series, Google, Nike, SVA, The Innocence Network Conference, and others.

Early Memory: With a Super 8 camera, my uncles filmed a mockumentary, “The Duffy Brothers At Home,” which starred them as five siblings with extraordinary talents. I’d been asked to play the part of Toy Boy, the next generation of extraordinariness, a kid who owned the most toys in the world. I filled all my toys up in a pillow case, hoisted them over my shoulder and on cue, right between my grandmother’s interview, when she shrugged and said “If you ask me there’s nothing really special about them,” and when the announcer, played by my Uncle Pat, said, “Next week, we’ll meet the Toy Boy,” I jumped into the frame, tugging on my uncle’s pant leg, shouting: “I want to show my toys! I want to show my toys!.

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