Bart Warshaw is a producer, composer, songwriter and sound designer from London. His audio work and music have been featured in films, TV, radio, and exhibition projects worldwide. Songwriting under the name Nix Nought Nothing, his music has been hailed as “expertly orchestrated” (Glasswerk Magazine) and “beautifully beguiling” (HG2) and has been featured on the BBC and is published by ImagemPM. He is also founding member of the podcast network and currently produces the “Talk To Paulie” podcast for BBox Radio and Big Dance Theatre.

Early memory: I remember at pre school at what i can only assume was “snack time’ the bench we were all sat on somehow acted like a see saw. I was thrown into the corner of the table, which impacted an inch away from my eyeball. Blood spurted, I was rushed to hospital (which was luckily only two buildings away) and I received my first black eye. I don’t remember stitches but I still have the scar.

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