To celebrate LGBT History Month, Terence interviewed Eric Marcus, author of “Making Gay History,” on why he’s revisiting old tapes from the late 1980’s and listening to voices from the past today.

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Producer Notes

Hearing the audio that Eric Marcus collected in the late 1980’s not only takes him back but invites all of us to look back at who shaped history. Each interview tells a piece of the LGBT story and how a community fought for equality. And as Eric says in our interview, the actions of these individuals is an inspiration to anyone seeking change in his or her circumstances.

I hadn’t met Eric before listening to the interview tapes, but I was taken by his desire to go back. I wondered why he was returning to work he’d done over twenty five years earlier, and his response moved me. It captured that change of perspective we all can have with time, the reunion with selves we’ve discarded, or selves we’d forgotten about, and the value gleaned from sifting through the past.


Show Notes

To learn more about Eric Marcus, visit his website here.

Listen to Eric’s new podcast “Making Gay History” on iTunes!
And visit their website

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